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GNA Review Classes

Geriatric Nursing Assistant Review Classes aim to refresh GNA’s on the basic skills they have acquired. GNA’s are responsible for a variety of multi-area skills in hospitals and related healthcare facilities.

The scope of their job will include direct patient care, advanced skills, and even phlebotomy which they can do under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Brushing up of one’s skills as a GNA is essential to uphold the best quality of health care in the industry.

With the availability of qualified and well-trained instructors, we guarantee your pathway towards more success.

Nevertheless, we will require you to comply with criminal background checks, specialized training such as CPR, and health examinations to enter our classes.

Refresh theories and upgrade your skills to support the future of the healthcare industry. Health Focus, Inc. GNA Review Classes are available at very flexible schedules. For more questions, you may contact us at 410-488-6600 or you can Enroll now.